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What is IdentityDetect?

Quickly Expose Fake Identities with a 90% Accuracy Discover if people are being deceptive about their identity.

Documents can be faked and identities stolen. Is the person you are interacting with actually the person he or she claims to be?

Whether you work for a financial institution, the government, or any other organization, IdentityDetect can help.

Using scientifically-proven methodologies and a simple online verification procedure, IdentityDetect will indicate if a person is being deceptive about their identity.

What is IdentityDetect?

IdentityDetect is a quick and simple web-based test or mobile app that can quickly verify a person’s identity.

For example, when onboarding new customers, applicants provide their name, address, and other personal details. With that information, customers can be asked a few questions about their identity.

IdentityDetect measures the applicants’ responses, applies a scoring algorithm, and uses machine learning to determine a credibility score for the person. Results are available immediately, allowing the process to continue or to be flagged for further review.

How does IdentityDetect Work?

Studies show that deception, such as presenting a false identity, increases cognitive load. IdentityDetect measures changes in the motor nervous system that result from increased cognitive load when answering questions deceitfully.

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