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Lie Detection Services

It requires more thought to lie than to tell the truth. And, scientists found that when a person thinks more, there is an increase in cognitive load, which causes the eyes to react in very specific ways. These lying eye behaviors are involuntary and subtle, but they can be measured.

EyeDetect is a computerized, 15-minute lie detection test that’s just as accurate as polygraph, but faster and less expensive. It is non-obtrusive and easy-to-use. An infrared eye tracker monitors eye behavior while a person answers True/False questions on a computer screen. Pupil diameter, reading behaviors, eye fixations, blink rate, and other things are measured to come up with a credibility score.

Infidelity Testing

It's more than about peace of mind. It's your health and safety.

Whether it’s your spouse, fiancée, partner, or exclusive, find out if they’re lying about having physical, sexual contact.

This test is standardized and asks about physical sexual contact with others. It does not ask about flirting or about specific people by name. If that is needed, a customized test is required.


It's your reputation.
It's your livelihood.

Individual companies are tasked with the critical responsibility to safeguard citizens and communities. It all starts by effectively pre-screening job applicants and periodically  screening all current personnel, without bias, for positions such as police officers, sheriffs, dispatchers, jailers, etc.

If your agency uses a Law Enforcement PreEmployment Test (LEPET), you can rely on a new lie detection technology called EyeDetect to help automate and greatly streamline the credibility  assessment phase of the hiring process. The EyeDetect LEPET can be customized to meet your specific needs. It accurately measures the truthfulness about an applicant’s past drug history, criminal behavior (whether caught or not), and accuracy when completing the job application, or any other critical issue of concern. 


Best of all, EyeDetect never gets tired or influenced. It’s 100% unbiased and will never  discriminate based on gender, race or color.

Criminal Testing

Quickly Establish Innocence or Guilt

Private investigators, attorneys and police departments use lie detection for:

  • Client and case control

  • Unbiased verification of guilt or innocence

  • Cases lacking physical evidence

  • When a client is unsuitable for polygraph

  • When investigation results need a 97-99% outcome confidence


Accurate information helps make informed decisions.

Quickly find the truth about a person’s past acts. The human mind keeps a record of illegal activity, and we can expose it.


Our lie detection testing is unbiased and standardized. Everyone is treated fairly. Tests are objectively scored by computer. Accuracy has been lab-tested at 88%.

Use EyeDetect if the examinee is unsuitable for polygraph Or, if polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+ — the world’s first automated polygraph. Combine EyeDetect with an independent polygraph examination to get a 97-99% outcome confidence. It’s a better argument than either solution alone.

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