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About Us

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"It takes more effort to tell a lie than the truth."

Lie Detection Testing Today

We know that in today’s world, organizations, government entities, and law enforcement agencies need trustworthy tools to screen job applicants and to periodically monitor current employees for unethical behavior. Our ability to address these concerns with award-winning technologies is where we excel!

About John Larkins, CEO

John Larkins is the President and CEO of SpectreScan where he serves as the agency’s chief technical consultant, specializing in wiretapping, eavesdropping, debugging, counter surveillance and lie detection. John has over forty years in law enforcement and over thirty years of experience in lie detection technologies. He founded SpectreScan in 2015 to offer his expertise to our nation’s law enforcement communities. In 2018, he formulated a Premier Partnership with Converus EyeDetect® , the developer, and manufacturer of three deception detection solutions that are a game changer in the lie detection industry. This dynamic partnership has allowed SpectreScan’s investigative and technological expertise and vision to go from local to global.

John began his law-enforcement career with the former Indianapolis Police Department (IPD). During his 25 years, he worked in numerous divisions within the department including the homicide division. He has investigated over 550 homicides, numerous suicides, accidental, natural and unnatural deaths, and officer-involved shootings (OSI); retiring as a detective sergeant. He has attended numerous law enforcement investigative training schools and received numerous citations for distinguished investigative work within his field.

John is a former Special Agent of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, where he contributed 20 years of exemplary service. He was trained by civilian law enforcement, and the U.S. Government in Intelligence, Covert Operations, Technical Surveillance, internet investigations, and mobile phone forensics. During his tenure with the government, he held a Secret Clearance and responded to and served on many high-profile assignments. He is also a graduate of multiple civilian and government schools and is one of a very elite number of professionals who have been formally trained and certified by Research Electronics International (REI) as a Technical Countermeasures Specialist / Technician.

As a proven leader, John built SpectreScan to be a full-service global technology agency whose investigative, risk management, and credibility testing solutions are second to none in the lie detection industry and are available for use almost anywhere in the world.

Converus EyeDetect® Certified Proctor & Administrator
John Larkins, SpectreScan
Previous Experience
  • (Military Criminal Investigator)

  • Law enforcement Officer (City, County and Federal)

  • Homicide & Robbery Specialist

  • U.S. Special Agent (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • Special Deputy United States Federal Marshall

  • Private Investigator (PI21600010)

  • Graduate of FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center)

  • Graduate of the FAA Training & Special Agent  Academy

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