The World’s Fastest, Most Accurate and Cost-Effective Credibility Assessment Technologies

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Quickly Expose Fake Identities with a 90% Accuracy

Discover if people are being deceptive about their identity.

Documents can be faked and identities stolen. Is the person you are interacting with actually the person he or she claims to be?

Whether you work for a financial institution, the government, or any other organization, IdentityDetect can help.

Using scientifically-proven methodologies and a simple online verification procedure, IdentityDetect will indicate if a person is being deceptive about their identity.

SpectreScan LLC.

What is IdentityDetect?

IdentityDetect is a quick and simple web-based test or mobile app that can quickly verify a person’s identity.

For example, when onboarding new customers, applicants provide their name, address, and other personal details. With that information, customers can be asked a few questions about their identity.

IdentityDetect measures the applicants’ responses, applies a scoring algorithm, and uses machine learning to determine a credibility score for the person.

Results are available immediately, allowing the process to continue or to be flagged for further review.

How does IdentityDetect Work?

Studies show that deception, such as presenting a false identity, increases cognitive load.

IdentityDetect measures changes in the motor nervous system that result from increased cognitive load when answering questions deceitfully.

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Features and Benefits

  • Accurate

    IdentityDetect catches 9 out of 10 imposters.

  • Fast

    Tests take between 1 and 3 minutes.

  • Unbiased

    IdentityDetect is automated and standardized. It can’t be swayed by perfect documents, a dazzling smile, or an unwelcomed threat.

  • Secure

    IdentityDetect is secure. All data are encrypted during transmission.

  • Extensible

    Tests can be embedded in business systems or mobile apps. Customized tests can be designed to meet specific needs.

  • Cost Effective

    Catch fraudulent behavior to reduce risk and costs. Attractive pricing and high accuracy make IdentityDetect a great investment.

  • Scalable

    Built in a secure private cloud, IdentityDetect can test and score up to 10 million evaluations per day.

  • Actionable

    Test scores are ready immediately. Make decisions quickly and take action. See trends in attempted fraud by location. Data can be extracted or combined with other sources for further big data analysis.

  • No Strings Attached

    No specialized hardware needed. No test administrator or training required. Customers take tests anytime on any Internet-enabled device.

  • Improves Security

    IdentityDetect can be used for immigration screening to catch travelers using false identities or, where allowed by law, use it to pre-screen employees.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    The Converus Dashboard shows test results in any supported browser to those authorized. Results shown in PDF, CSV or extracted using an SDK.

  • Nonintrusive

    With short tests and no specialized equipment, most people feel comfortable—and less like a criminal—than with other deception detection methods.

Who Should Use IdentityDetect?

IdentityDetect is ideal when you need to validate a person’s identity. Applications include:

  • To comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for new customers or to verify existing accounts.
  • To validate transactions over an established threshold.
  • To fast-track and pre-screen travelers for better efficiencies.
  • To verify loan applications prior to funding.
  • To verify identities before releasing vehicles, goods or products.
  • To ensure the occupant is the one that signed the agreement.
  • To ensure the renter is legitimate.

Use IdentityDetect for fast and efficient pre-screening. Eliminate the deceptive or conduct additional screening. This reduces workloads across all levels of Customer Identification Programs (CIP) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.

Using a Software Development Kit (SDK), IdentityDetect can be integrated with existing web-based or mobile applications. Private label integrations are available.

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